The Good, Bad, and Oh My GOSH!

I had a surprise call from my surgeon Tuesday. Instead of having the appointment Thursday, 5/4, they wanted to reschedule it to Wednesday. I, of course, said yes.


All together I’ve lost 63 lbs! Hot damn! I’m getting my purse.



At the gastric surgeon’s office it’s on the books that I’ve lost 49, but I lost the 20 lbs before I saw him. Now, I just have to figure out my other goals, and the rewards for them. If you have any ideas or advice feel free to comment.


I’m on a tentative schedule to have my surgery June 5th. We can’t carved it in stone, but only because we have to wait for the dietitian appointment, and you have to see the doctor within 30 days of the surgery date.


At the appointment meeting at the end I got a rundown on the ins and outs and everything in between. It was so overwhelming having it all verbally blown up at me at once. And, I almost stood up and walked out when they said I have to have another Upper GI after the surgery. If you’ve read my first post then you understand why. And, then I had a mini-panic attack because I found out that I’ll be in the hospital for at least 3 days, which is a huge deal. HUGE. But, the office manager just told me to talk to the doctor again when I come back in May 31st about the medicine for my anxiety. I hate down playing it as just anxiety, because it isn’t something that excusable. But, so long as it gets taken care of I guess they can call it whatever they want.


The other part that’s giving me major stress is the 2 weeks before surgery, starting May 22 where I will be on an only clear liquid diet. That means a diet consisting of protein shakes, protein water (If I can find it. It supposedly exists, but I’m beginning to feel like it might be a mythical thing only found in doctors’ offices.), water, and broth. Yup. Two weeks pre-surgery of that. The reasoning is to help shrink my liver to minimize bleeding. And, then that diet continues 3 weeks after the surgery. I’m not so worried or consumed with stress about the after surgery diet. I’m sort of figuring I won’t want to eat at that point from pain or ick feelings. And, I won’t have a large stomach that wants food.  I had to buy all liquid vitamins, calcium, and b12 to take especially after the surgery for my liquid life.


I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. But, I still want to do this. I still want to keep moving forward. If you give up at the little blips in the road you’ll never make it out to open water and to the island.



Keep the faith, and go onward my Leading Ladies and Gents.


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