How to live on 800 Calories

I promised that I would talk about my 800 calorie diet, and if you’ve been waiting here it is. I don’t know if you’re like me but when the surgeon first said 800 calories I mentally got a sweat drop. How on earth do you eat for 800 calories? Even Lean Cuisine’s are 250 or a little more? Maybe other people are born with an internal clock telling them when they’re full, but I don’t have that. 704b14a6ba6db90e4cf1545e44ebe58dAt first you’re going to get hungry, but don’t worry once you get used to it that goes away. I’m on month 3 of this diet and I barely get hungry anymore, I still don’t have the internal food clock, but luckily I have a brain. One serious thing this diet teaches you is awareness. Awareness of everything that you can potentially put into your body. You start thinking about things. And, I don’t call food by calories. I call them points. I have 800 points I can spend.


So hint number one: Water is your friend. And, I’ll be honest I hate water. If I have a giant jug of water sitting by me. It’ll just sit there. Add some ice and I’ll sip it or eat the ice out of it. The diet is about being honest with yourself. For me I can’t drink straight water like a fish, so instead I use crystal light. 10 calories for 2 packets in a 32 ounce glass. I don’t recommend the pure flavors they’re a little on the ick side. And, in case you’re wondering the energy or fitness flavors really do give you a pep. The difference in energy and fitness is that energy has caffeine so don’t drink it before bed. Because, they work. Right now my favorite flavors are Mango, Pomegranate, and Wild berry. To me those seem to be the best.f5a5e8e0fad4e11dcb642b253107b5d9


Hint number one part two: So you’ve eaten dinner, but you’re still hungry. First things first drink water. If you’re still hungry even after you’ve ½ cup or a cup of water it’s time for food. Try protein it usually stops cravings and hunger.


Hint number two: Protein shakes. There’s a lot out there, but one thing you need to be careful of is to not get the ones for muscle growth. Muscles add pounds, and you’re on a shrinking diet. The best ones in my opinion is by Premier protein and EAS, which you can buy at Walmart. The other shake I’m starting to like is pure protein which I get at Trader Joes. With protein shakes you have to kind of taste around to find ones that you like, because not everyone is going to like the same. For example I don’t like Premier’s bananas and cream or any of its chocolate flavors, but I really dig their caramel. Adkins has a latte one that tastes just like iced coffee from starbucks. Also another thing you need to watch out for is calories. EAS’ shakes are all 100; Premier’s is all 160; and Pure Protein ranges from 110 to 170; Adkin’s coffee latte was 160.


Hint number three: You might as well go through your whole house and throw away the carbs, because on 800 calories you’re not going to have a lot of them.  There’s a flat bread at Walmart called Joseph bread, and half of it is 30 calories which is how I eat my burgers or sandwiches. They don’t always have that but you need to stay around 30 to 40 calories on the bread, and you need to be able to eat one slice instead of two.


Hint number four: Be accountable for your calories, and keep track of them. No matter what you eat, put them down. I use an app on my phone because it does all the calculations for me, tells me how many calories I’ve burned through walking, and separates meals out. The app is called Myplate from Livestrong. It’s free, but you have to deal with ads. But, it works great!


Here’s a sample of what my diet looks like in a day.


Breakfast: 1 whole egg, 3 egg whites, ½ cup of blueberries (We use spray butter because there’s no calories in it.)

Lunch: Mixed Salad, and ½ cup of salmon

Snack: (Essentially about 2 pm) Protein shake

Dinner: Spaghetti without noodles. Instead I have steamed eggplant, and the meat sauce.

Snack: (10 pm) Depends on calories at this point, but possibly a shake and fruit.



Originally I had a shake between breakfast and lunch but I’m not really hungry during the day. I get hungrier in the evening so I’ve readjusted my diet to help that issue.


Keep the faith, and go onward my Leading Ladies and Gents.


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